What makes us special

Efficiency - Because we have remained a small organization and as a result of our collective structure, CHOSA is able to make decisions quickly and effectively without the bureaucracy or red-tape that plagues most non-profit organizations. Our shoe-string fundraising and administrative budgets ensure that most of our funds go directly to our partners in the form of grants or other programming support.

Unrestricted Funding On principle, all CHOSA grants are given to our partners 100% unrestricted. We do this because we know that authentic and sustainable development is only possible when communities and local projects are able to plan and decide how best to use funds. People are the experts of their own communities.

First-hand accountability - We work directly on the ground with our partners in South Africa to ensure they are accountable.

Equality In our relations with one another and in our interaction with our partners, we strive to live our commitment to the immediate assertion of equality.

Transparency CHOSA aims to be fully transparent in relation to donors, partners and the general public. If you want any CHOSA reports or documents, you are welcome to request them from us.

For more information on what makes us special, check out our Code of Ethics.

4 ways you can help

Four ways YOU can change the world through children: