A different NGO

Most international non-governmental organisations receive funding from governments, foundations and other large donors. In many cases, such funding it is used for diplomatic and political purposes in line the agenda of the funder. This prevents NGOs from performing one of their key functions: the promotion of the interests of the communities in development. Through this model, communities and their community-based organisations become accountable towards their funders and are unable to exercise control over their own empowerment.

CHOSA's approach is different. We focus on community control of the development process and on bottom-up social change. We believe that this is the only way to ensure that our interventions remain sustainable. CHOSA's approach enables financial and personnel resources to be used to support democratic community-based organizations and to respect communities' autonomy in developing and carrying out social programs.

In acknowledging communities' right to speak for themselves, CHOSA does not determine a community's identity and/or its primary issues. Rather, we ask communities to define this for themselves. Communities should be at the center of, and should own their own, development. CHOSA must then play a supporting role. Instead of promoting dependency, We foster self-determination and self-reliance, thereby ensuring self-empowerment.

4 ways you can help

Four ways YOU can change the world through children: