Ongoing grants

CHOSA's main focus is, and always has been fundraising in the U.S. to distribute to worthy and needy organizations in South Africa. Proportionally, the vast majority of our grants are distributed as on-going funding in the form of monthly deposits. These grants are 100% unrestricted. CHOSA's on-ground team facilitates a process where projects are required to account for the funding after it is spent, but retain the ability to decide how best to spend the money. The most important job of our on-ground team is building and sustaining open and trusting relationships with the organizations we support.

Note that expectations of trust goes both ways: we have to trust that our partners will not abuse the funds. Likewise, our partners also have to trust that we will keep our word, not try to attach strings to our funding and refrain from imposing hidden agendas on them. These on-going grants are aimed at assisting communities with their day-to-day operations in order to provide a safe and nurturing home for their children.

4 ways you can help

Four ways YOU can change the world through children: