Abaphumeleli Place of Safety

Abaphumeleli was established as a place of safety for vulnerable children in 2004 by founder and director Evelyn Makasi. It is located in Ilitha Park, Khayelitsha. Approximately 26 children live in two homes situated side-by-side. One is the home of Evelyn Makasi and her husband. The older children stay in separate bedrooms of this house, which functions as a normal household. The second property is the children's home component, which Abaphumeleli currently rents. Abaphumeleli is hoping to secure funds to buy the house from the owner, as the owner regularly threatens to evict them, saying he wants to sell the house..

The upcoming venture for CHOSA is to assist them to access funding that will enable them to buy the second house and expand it. If done correctly, the Department of Social Development has said they will change the status of the project to an official children's home and provide funding for more staff, a social worker and a doctor.

Evelyn Makasi at Abaphumeleli Children's Home

4 ways you can help

Four ways YOU can change the world through children: