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Are you moved by CHOSA’s work, but not sure how much you can do to help on your own? CHOSA believes that a lot of “littles” make a “big”, so peer-to-peer fundraising is a perfect way next step if you want to get more involved. Click here to start a fundraiser, set a goal, and invite your friends to give. Your outreach will make a huge difference for the children of South Africa!
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Volunteer in South Africa
CHOSA welcomes volunteers, both local and international. Some of our volunteers come through a network of study and volunteering abroad programs, while others make their own arrangements. We prefer a commitment of at least one academic semester, or a minimum of 3 months.

Our volunteers typically provide after-school enrichment activities to our partner organizations. We place volunteers according to the needs of our partner organizations, which range from sport facilitators and arts and crafts, to traditional academic assistance: homework help and critical thinking activities. Volunteers are placed at a project and spend a few afternoons per week tutoring the children.
While most volunteering focuses on the traditional subjects of math, English, and science, our approach involves incorporating aspects of music, art, sports, and other disciplines into tutoring lessons as much as possible, creating a rich experience that is fun and educational at the same time. To discuss specifics, please send us an email at [email protected]!

CHOSA believes that, when it comes to international development work, the “How” is just as important as the “What”. While there are countless nonprofits working with children in South Africa, we strive to use every generous donation in a way that is truly community-driven and sustainable. While we care deeply about children being fed and educated, we care equally about communities being equipped to take charge of their own development. This is what sets us apart.

Central to this philosophy is our commitment to distributing 100% unrestricted grants. Every dollar passed on from our donors worldwide to communities in South Africa is unrestricted, meaning that communities are trusted as experts who can best determine how the children in their care should be served. When communities control their own development process, our interventions do not promote dependency, but rather are sustainable and promote self-empowerment. This stands in stark contrast to many larger nonprofits, whose grants often follow the agenda of the funder rather than the community itself, and thus leave communities bending over backwards to meet requirements that do not take into consideration the community’s context or greatest needs.

When you donate to CHOSA, you are supporting children AND empowering communities. We are proud of our unique approach, and we hope that you will not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We can be reached at [email protected].