Philippi Angels Township Baseball Academy

In 2008, CHOSA provided the Baseball Academy with a once-off seed grant to provide this self-funded organization with some much needed equipment and other pressing needs. Because of the success of this grant, the organization has now been able to attract funding from other much larger sources as well.

The Philippi Angels Township Baseball Academy is an organization committed to developing community and education through baseball. Established in 2006, the Angels are the first team from the Black townships to compete in the Baseball Association of Western Province, the largest youth and adult baseball league in South Africa.

The academy provides meaningful after-school and weekend activities and educational development for more than 80 youth, boys and girls, from 6 to 18 years of age. Baseball has become a significant part of each child's life in this community and has provided them with self-confidence, a positive set of values, and the experience of building with a team.

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