Hello CHOSA family!
Next week, many of us will be celebrating Thanksgiving, a unique time to come together in gratitude for family, friends, and all of our blessings. Yet just a few days later, people around the globe will recognize World AIDS Day. December 1st marks a time to come together and remember the millions of lives lost to HIV/AIDS, as well as the children who have been left behind.
Most importantly, World AIDS Day is a time to act. If you’re thinking, “what can I do to help?”, consider joining CHOSA’s 3rd annual Pap and Porridge Fast! From December 2-4, CHOSA staff, board members, alumni, and friends will stand in solidarity with the children CHOSA serves in South Africa by fasting from all but pap and porridge for three days. (Pap and porridge are staple starches which are often the only food available to orphaned and vulnerable children living in desperate poverty.) We would love for you to be a part of this act of joining with the families we serve in South Africa in this way.
How to participate: Our Fast Team members will ask their loved ones to pledge any amount for each day of their fast – for example, $5 a day totaling a $15 donation to CHOSA’s work. In this way, we will raise awareness about the plight of hungry children in South Africa while raising support for the grassroots organizations that serve them. Please email to [email protected] today to sign up as a Fast Team member and receive more information, including a pap and porridge recipe.
This year, we are adding a new element to the fast. For one meal during the three-day period, we are encouraging you to host family or friends to eat pap accompanied by another South African staple, such as cabbage and onions or curry. While still basic in ingredients and nutrition, occasional meals such as these provide critical variation for dietary and emotional well-being, which is especially important for growing kids. CHOSA and our partners strive to provide such meals for the orphaned and vulnerable children we serve. While eating with your friends and family, we encourage you to discuss your participation in the fast in order to raise awareness about this topic.
For those of us who may not be able to make large donations to CHOSA, joining the fast is a powerful way to raise attention and contributions for this important cause! Please reply now and join us. We look forward to hearing from many of you!