Children of South Africa (CHOSA) is a US-registered non-profit organization formed in 2004 to support grassroots community-driven childrens projects in South Africa, primarily in Cape Town’s impoverished townships. CHOSA strongly supports self-organization within communities and therefore provides unrestricted funding to the projects it supports. This approach is made possible through our grassroots funding strategies and our reliance on a growing network of small donors, most of whom have a strong personal connection to CHOSA. Many of our most supportive donors have spent time working with the children in our volunteer After-School program, and many others have been drawn to CHOSA by someone close to them who has done so.

CHOSA is seeking a new part-time Fundraising Coordinator in the US to carry forward our exciting grassroots fundraising work, alongside our South Africa-based Fundraising Coordinator. The ideal candidate will have:

*Experience with and great enthusiasm for fundraising, preferably in a grassroots model

*Experience in event planning

*Strong time management skills and ability to meet deadlines

*Ability to multi-task

*Ability to work independently, and with some flexibility

*Ability to communicate regularly with staff in South Africa

*Strong administrative and organizational skills

*Strong writing and conversational skills

*Basic desktop publishing skills

*Experience with WordPress, Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms

*Experience with eTapestry (or another donor database system)

*A passion for community-driven organization

*An understanding of the importance of community childcare

*A contextual understanding of South   Africa s history and specific challenges, and a sensitivity to the challenges of race, class, gender and nation as they impact on transnational work between the US and South Africa.

*Ability to read donors and craft CHOSA’s message to best engage them

*Ability to build and maintain a strong network among both the young people (college age and recent graduates) and our long-time supporters (of all ages) who are the heart of the CHOSA family

Job Description for Fundraising Coordinator (Part-time)

Position to begin: Beginning of January 2013

Time commitment: Part-time position (approximately 20 hours/week)

Salary: US $2,000/month, plus compensation for CHOSA related costs

(phone, internet, office costs and possible travel costs.)

Residence: Candidate should live in any large US city.

Commitment: Candidate should have interest in taking on additional roles if CHOSA decides to make the position full-time in 2014.

Primary Responsibilities

*Help facilitate fundraising events in collaboration with returning study abroad students from the CHOSA/CIEE volunteer program

*Donor cultivation (increasing the donation of secure regular donors and recruit new interest sectors to support CHOSA) through regular communication and facilitation of face-to-face meetings wherever possible with CHOSA’s board members

*Coordinate fundraising events in major cities where CHOSA’s alumni and other donors are concentrated (New York, Philadelphia, WashingtonDC, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles)

*Build and maintain relationships with CHOSA’s growing community of volunteer alumni

*Research and implement new grassroots fundraising strategies, and work with staff and Board of Directors to create a comprehensive strategy

*Communicate regularly with representatives on the ground in South Africa

Secondary Responsibilities

Note: The following are primary responsibilities of the South African Fundraising Coordinator, but the candidate’s assistance will be expected at any time, with the intention of taking on many of these responsibilities by 2014.

*Send out quarterly and annual fundraising appeals

*Expand CHOSA’s online presence and seek new online fundraising opportunities including family foundations, donor directed funds, matching grant opportunities and more

*Manage, use and update eTapestry donor database

*Manage CHOSA’s website, blog, Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks

*Publish quarterly e-Newsletters and one annual newsletter by mail

*Attend CHOSA Board Meetings and present a clear and concise financial report

*Maintain regular contact with staff and Board of Directors including monthly reports on activities, plans and major upcoming events

*Research and implement new grassroots fundraising strategies, and work with staff and Board of Directors to create a comprehensive strategy

*Communicate regularly with representatives on the ground in South Africa

***To submit your application for this position:

Please email your resume or CV to [email protected] by Sunday, November 25, with brief answers to the following questions attached:

1) Please tell us about a time that you have had to plan an event or motivate a group to accomplish a task. How did you create enthusiasm? What oversight did you provide throughout the project? What were some obstacles that you had to overcome?

2) What is your idea of community development and social change? What is the role of NGOs in the development process? How will you integrate this into your fundraising activities?

3) How have your educational, work, and/or advocacy experiences reflected this philosophy of community development and social change?