These past two weeks, I have had the great pleasure of meeting a few “graduates” of a children’s home that CHOSA used to support. Identified as success stories from the organisation, I scheduled appointments to speak with them and learn about their past, how they came to live at the children’s home, what their aspirations were during their time there, and how they got to where they are now. These stories were incredibly humbling. They have overcome overwhelming odds to find themselves both at university, studying to further themselves and add value to their communities.

A commonality between the two young men that I met, was the thankfulness that they had for the makhulu (grandmother) who opened her house to take care of children whose parents could not. Makhulu had been their to provide a warm meal, a comfortable bed, and most importantly, the love that only such a strong mothering figure could. She supported these children through their hard times, and challenged them in their good times. And throughout the time that these children reside or just come to the home for meals, she consistently reminds the children of the importance of education. Both attribute her push for education, as the reason they are where they are today: in the process of completing their university degrees.

While the environment which these two individuals called home has fluctuated throughout their youth, both of their aspirations for when they grow up has remained constant, and because of makhulu’s trust in them, and their goals, they believe that their success is due to her influence. Both of them said that makhulu used to tell them that education is something that can never be taken away from you, and this is why they find themselves at university today.

These are the kinds of children (or should I now say young adults) and women you are able to support by donating to CHOSA. One’s that care for other people’s children as though they are their own. Women who attend teachers meetings for the children that reside at their homes to make sure that the students are well mannered and diligent students, or to learn in what ways they may be able to support the child to enhance their learning.

 On this past Mothers Day, CHOSA thanks all of these amazing mama’s and makhulu’s for the love that they share for the children of South Africa. Join us in helping to support these strong women of local communities to keep raising more success stories like these two young men!


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