Breakfast this morning – porridge and water

It is day 3 of the fast. I have been feeling quite lightheaded and drained of energy throughout the day. What has been striking for me is how this diet, for just three days can leave me feeling weak and irritable. But this is the diet that so many children and adults in South Africa, and in the rest of Africa rely on for weeks or maybe even months on end.

I have been challenged to consider how much I am looking forward to the end of this fast while many of the children who are on this diet have no meal to look forward to after 3 days. Mine is a diet of choice, theirs is one of necessity.

What has been most challenging for me, however, is how I will respond to the needs and hunger of those in need after these three days of fasting. As a Christian, I am drawn to think about the biblical account of what genuine fasting should look like. It says that fasting should be more than just intentional hunger. Instead, those who fast should share their food with the hungry, their houses with the homeless and seek to put an end to oppression and trouble (Isaiah 58 verse 6-7). I hope I can carry the concern and empathy that this fast has allowed me to have into my daily actions towards those who have less.