Youth Day PhotoJune 16th is Youth Day in South Africa. This public holiday commemorates the 1976 protests of young people against the Apartheid government’s unjust educational system.

Many children and teens in South Africa still face challenges when it comes to receiving a good education and accessing basic needs such as nutritious foods and a safe, healthy home environment. At CHOSA, we work tirelessly to help local community-based organizations educate and care for children in some of South Africa’s poorest communities.

You can help CHOSA continue to support orphaned and vulnerable children.

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Communities in Action
This week, many of our partner organizations and communities are joining with Soundz of the South (SOS) to participate in a series of events to mark 20 years of ANC rule. For more information on the March to Demand Decent Services and Jobs, please visit their page.

Coming Up From CHOSA…
The photo above was taken by CHOSA volunteer and photographer, Katy Carlson. To see more images from our work in Cape Town, keep an eye out for our next email. It will include a photo story featuring QQ Section Children’s Committee.