I’m heading by bus today for Durban for COP17 (UN Climate Change Conference 2011). We’re going to be protesting the world leaders’ inability to do anything to really get make a difference in terms of climate change. It’s a 24 hour trip up to Durban and obviously they’ll be no cooking facilities on the way. Thus, I have decided to do a traveler’s fast and therefore I’ll only be eating plain bread – no cheese, no jam, and no butter just plain ultra-refined bread. I’m not sure which is harder, eating only bread or only pap, but definitely will be in solidarity with all of you. I just hope I don’t go crazy on that bus with just bread and water! But, I think it is fitting that this fast is happening during COP17. There are important connections between access to healthy food, agribusiness, and the environment.

Good luck to all of you!

Jared Sacks

Co-Founder, CHOSA

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