*Donate $10 to CHOSA and help us win $2,000*

Just like last year, CHOSA has entered the March Goodness Tournament.

Last year we started late and we were up against some big non-profits. But this year, we are only competing against other small organisations like ourselves through the NIT section of March Goodness. We have a big advantage this year. We can definitely win.This is a 32 NGO tournament with only one round (check out how we rank here).

It goes from TODAY until March 30th, and the only criterion for winning is the total number of donations of $10 or more.

If we raise $10,000 then its pretty much in the bag for us.

  • If you’ve already donated, please ask ten friends to join you in support of CHOSA’s work helping orphaned and other vulnerable children in South Africa.

Just to reiterate, the competition is simple:

  1. Go to CHOSA’s March Goodness page.
  2. Donate $10 (100% of your donation goes to CHOSA).
  3. Tell 10 of your friends to each donate $10 as well.
  4. If we have the most unique donors by March 30th, we win $4,000.

(two people giving $10 each is more advantageous than a couple giving $20)

**Donate at CHOSA/March Goodness**

If you already have facebook, you don’t have to even register with Razoo. Just click on the “Connect via Facebook” button, put in your credit card information (Razoo used VeriSign makes your donation 100% safe). If you’re not on facebook, it’s a quick, easy and process to make a donation without even creating an account!.

We can definitely beat this…but only if everyone acts NOW!

Please forward this to all your friends. Thanks so much for supporting CHOSA and the Children of South Africa,

Love from Cape Town, Khayelitsha, Nyanga, Mfuleni and beyond,

Jared Sacks, Ellen Rosenberg, Rob Rosenbaum and all of the Children of South Africa