For the first time in its history, CHOSA has decided to make a public and urgent statement to the media, the public and to our greater community.


The Clare Estate Drop In Centre (CEDIC) is community-based project supported by CHOSA and, after the attacks of the past few days, has been destroyed and forced to close its doors.  The 100+ children who are usually fed and cared for by CEDIC have had to go without since the attacks began on Saturday evening.

While the cost of rebuilding the community structures that have been demolished by the attacks will be high, CHOSA is committed to showing our unwavering support to the children and families of Kennedy Road.  We know that money cannot undo the loss that has been endured but believe that, together, CHOSA and the people of Kennedy Road can begin to start again.

Please take a moment to watch the recent footage.  Our words cannot portray the devastation of Kennedy Road’s reality.  Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us:  [email protected]

To make a contribution to enable CHOSA to provide much needed resources to this community, please visit our Razoo page to make a tax-deductible donation.

In solidarity with the children and families of The Clare Estate Drop In Centre and Kennedy Road, we thank you for your support.