Meet Nosiphiwo

While many of you know the American staff of CHOSA, we want to give you a chance to get to know some of the people who are raising the children of South Africa.  In December, a few CHOSA supporters in Philadelphia had the opportunity to meet with Simphiwe Mabuya from Baphumelele Children’s Home.  While we can’t fly everyone over to meet face-to-face, from here forward, with each newsletter, you will be introduced to another member of the team – someone who makes enormous sacrifices to contribute to the lives of the children who need them most.


This month, we’d like to introduce you to Nosiphiwo, an exuberant and courageous 26 year-old mother who has overcome incredible obstacles to get to where she is today. Until last year, Nosiphiwo was raising her five year old daughter, Somila, in a home plagued with abuse from the child’s father. “I used to stay with [him] for a couple of years and the guy was using dagga (marijuana) and alcohol [and] mixing it together. And this guy used to beat me when he [was] drunk every day. He did all these things in front of our child, and the child was old enough and she is very brilliant and her father was doing everything in front of her. He didn’t respect the child because of these drugs he used.”

While Nosiphiwo wanted more for herself and her daughter, she was stuck in what seemed to be a hopeless situation. With no family in the area, Nosiphiwo took Somila to live with a friend of hers, “I was always crying; [I] ask God what is happening to my life. Sometimes I was trying to commit a suicide but I was thinking about my child. The guy was abusing me very much. I was always thinking what must I do, because I’m working but my salary was not enough to do everything that I need as well as [take care of my] family.”

Nosiphiwo was then referred to CHOSA’s Philani Family Fund through an outreach worker at Philani Nutrition Centers. She was nominated to receive a bungalow by the outreach coordinator committee and a new home was built for her and Somila far away from the man who caused so much pain in their lives. “I was so happy when I was getting the shack to stay with my daughter.”

Nosiphiwo is currently employed on a full-time basis as the receptionist at Philani Nutrition Centers in Khayelitsha.

“Now I am so very happy because I’m staying with my child. I have my own house. Many thanks for Rob as well as CHOSA/Philani Family Fund Staff!!! That is all my story that I have.”