Jennifer in SADear CHOSA Family,

I am excited to have joined CHOSA as the United States-based fundraising coordinator. My name is Jennifer Erem and I live in the Boston, Massachusetts area, and I will be working alongside Ellie Gunderson as she leads our fundraising efforts in South Africa. As I continue to learn about CHOSA, I am inspired not only by the dedication of organizations and individuals in Cape Town, but also by the deep commitment of supporters in the U.S. My goals for this year are to connect with existing supporters and to forge new relationships with individuals and groups, online and in person. With your help, I know we can have a successful year of fundraising and fellowship.

My personal and professional connection to South Africa began with a Durban-based study abroad program in 2006. Since then, I have returned to South Africa numerous times for anthropological graduate research and language study, as well volunteer work with orphaned and vulnerable children. I have learned that successful NGOs allow communities to identify their own needs and then work together to find sustainable solutions and empower individuals. During these trips, I have been privileged to live with South African host families in urban and rural areas, participating in the joys and challenges of daily life. These experiences inspire my commitment to the vision and mission of CHOSA.

This year’s fundraising efforts are critical to the continuation of CHOSA’s meaningful support and capacity buildings for our partners. I encourage CHOSA supporters, including alumni volunteers, South Africans living abroad, and others with deep connections to the children and communities that CHOSA supports, to contact me. Supporters have successfully hosted fundraisers including silent auctions, dinners, and college campus events. I would be happy to help you develop a custom fundraiser or to set up monthly donations. You can reach me at [email protected] or 617-651-0443, and as always, you can make a contribution today on our giving page. Together, we can make a difference.

CHOSA, our partner organizations, and supporters, have come together for a purposeful start to the new year. We hope you enjoy the stories in this edition of our newsletter, which provide an overview of our recent activities.

In solidarity,

Jennifer Erem
CHOSA US-Based Fundraising Coordinator