Hello CHOSA family!

Thank you to everyone who has supported our Pap & Porridge Fast in recognition of World AIDS Day! Today is the 3rd and final day of the fast, and while it has been exhausting and difficult for those of us fasting, we are encouraged and strengthened by the support of so many donors. We have raised $1,083 so far, and our goal is to reach $2,500 by midnight tonight! Haven’t had a chance to donate yet? Please visit www.chosa.org/fast.

One friend of CHOSA, a New Orleans high school teacher named Desiree Tucker, was so moved by our show of solidarity with South Africa’s poor and vulnerable children that she encouraged her entire classroom to act. Her Kipp New Orleans Leadership Academy students have raised $145 for CHOSA so far, and have been engaging in questions-and-answers with CHOSA’s Ellie Gunderson regarding nutrition issues and the HIV/AIDS crisis in South Africa. Their main question was, “How is it possible for so many people to be living in poverty, while we all for the most part sit idly by and do nothing?”

We are so grateful to Ms. Tucker’s class for their desire to stand up and act, and we encourage each of you to do the same. Every cent raised will go to support community efforts to better the lives of vulnerable children through providing safe and loving homes, educational opportunities, nutritional support, and more. Our fast team members are especially grateful for your support of their sacrifice: Alma Anides, Solitude Dasie, Elena Echevarria, Burak Erem, Jennifer Erem, Ellie Gunderson, Hunja Koimburi, Zukie Mabuya, Dineo Moiloa & Jared Sacks. You can read about our experiences here on our blog – we would love your comments and feedback!

Thank you again for your generosity. If you haven’t yet given, we encourage you to do so before the fast ends tonight at midnight – visit www.chosa.org/fast. The children and communities that CHOSA serves will be so grateful for every donation, large and small, made in this final day!

In solidarity,

Jennifer Erem & Ellie Gunderson

Fundraising Coordinators, CHOSA