This being my first fast is well worth every moment. I’m not a picky eater- I swear. But, I hate grits, cream of wheat, and polenta- again, I swear I’m not a picky eater. Sticking to eating only pap and porridge has been harder than I thought, not only do I not like the consistency, but I am currently interning in NYC- the hardest place to NOT eat. Every time I’m outside I am tempted by the smells coming from the carts and the coffee stores. I’m not sure what is worse right now my hunger, or my caffeine withdrawal- as a junior in college I THRIVE and SURVIVE on coffee- but maybe this is just the place to get my addiction under control. During the day I find myself getting very weak with a bad headache. It’s a known thing between my older sister and I that when we are really hungry are hands won’t stop shaking- we will hold them out straight and our fingers will literally be in a spasm. I have to say- I have had a protein drink during the day as I literally feel as though I may pass out.

I just got back from studying and volunteering in Cape Town about 2 weeks ago- can I go back now?- I’m sure most of you [CHOSA alums] feel the same. While in Cape Town I volunteered at Baph, teaching nine 7 year olds with two other colleagues. Those kids not only touched my heart, but they now hold a permanent spot in it. They have impacted my life so much, and I am so thankful for the experience. Everyday I think about them, what will their life come to, will the remember me, did I make an impact on their life…most significantly I remember and reflect on the look in their eyes and I wonder how could anyone not love these children.

The epidemic of AIDS in Africa is an on-going crisis. But I feel like it should not be looked at like that- it is a current crisis, a crisis that is affecting innocent children and families. A curable disease that leaves so many dead, homeless, and orphaned in its wake. This fast is the least I can do, to try and do, to stand up and act though I am so far away. I stand in solidarity, Giving Hope to the Children of South Africa- to my children at Baph and to the millions more that will continue to be affected by this.

Katy Flick, New York, NY
CHOSA Alum, Baphumelele

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