Woke up this morning at 4:30am to the sound of 50 people getting ready for the COP17 civil society march (while the other 50 of us in the “Climate Change Refugee Camp” set up by Earthlife Africa tried our best to continue sleeping). I had slept only about five hours after what turned out to be a 27 hour bus ride. I feel very groggy and sore – though I am not sure if it is because of the fasting or because of all the traveling or both. I also woke up feeling a cold coming on really fast. Again, not sure if it was the lack of Vitamin C, the lack of sleep or the traveling.

Last night was very difficult for me as we arrived in Durban at 8pm and all the shops were closed so I could only eat what they served at the camp. I was craving tea but all they had was tap water for the thousand of us to share. For dinner, they served chicken curry with rice and since I could not get mealie meal or bread anywhere, I decided to have some plain rice which actually tasted quite nice compared to the bread – but was still not too filling. Still no tea though.

Today we’re going to march from Botha Park to the Durban Convention Centre. Then I’m going to visit a new project that CHOSA just just begun supporting in Richmond Farm. It is a creche (daycare centre) housed in two small shacks. It is run by the community with the support of the Abahlali baseMjondolo (shackdweller’s) movement. I’m excited to meet the community members again.

Think I’ll have enough energy for all this.

Good luck you all! Look forward to reading all your stories once I am able to have more regular access to internet.

Qina! Strength to you!

Jared Sacks, Durban, South Africa

Co-Founder, CHOSA