Building strong, self-sufficient families and communities is at the heart of CHOSA’s mission, and Philani Family Fund (PFF) is doing just that. PFF has been hard at work these past months, continuing in its mission to identify and provide the most critical forms of support for families that require housing or training support to stabilize the livelihood of the family. In recent months, PFF has supported the educational endeavors of two remarkable women:

  • One young student who never finished her Matric (high school qualifications) realized that this will always hold her back from reaching her full potential, especially as she seeks employment. PFF has decided to sponsor her to attend a course which will allow her to finally get her Matric Certificate (High School diploma), so that she can look forward to a brighter future.
  • PFF’s staff also recently met a young mother who offered a sterling example of perseverance and determination in the face of adversity. Determined to improve her qualifications and income, this young woman worked incredibly hard to save R10,000 to pay for her own education, an Enrolled Nursing Auxiliary course which costs R20,000. PFF was moved by her story, and enthusiastically committed to meeting her halfway with the outstanding balance, so that she can achieve her dream and better provide for her children.

In addition to supporting these important educational endeavors, Philani Family Fund has also been able to build several homes for community members in dire need:

  • In April, PFF was able to fund a home for two twins whose young mother died in an accident. Thanks to PFF, the twins and their grandmother have now moved from a shack where rain water used to soak their bed, to a safe two-bedroom house with a solar lighting system.
  • In June, PFF build a one-bedroom house for the mother of a five-year-old who had been living in a home with a plastic tarp for a roof. Both mother and child have been suffering from health complications, and the mother has been struggling to find work. She has committed to taking care of her child and doing her best to keep her healthy.
  • A mother of three was living with her family in a small leaky shack, with a boyfriend who abused her even in front of her children. She has no parents to call on, and was in desperate need of a safe place to stay. In July, PFF built her a safe home to call her own and the health workers have developed a network of community members to look out for her.
  • Last month, PFF built a home for a 19-year-old mother raising a child with disabilities. She had been kicked out of various family members’ homes and had nowhere to turn. She is extremely grateful for the home that PFF has provided, and has committed to taking her child to all medical appointments as a means of recognition for the support she has been given from Philani.