Greetings from everyone at CHOSA! It has been a busy few months for our partner projects, and we wanted to share a few highlights through photos.

img_0832The teachers at QQ community crèche have been working tirelessly to make improvements to the preschool building. They recently held a community fundraiser which raised R1,600 ($160) and CHOSA matched that amount, in addition to the monthly grant we provide. This recent fundraiser is evidence of how deeply invested the QQ Section community is in their children’s welfare. With the help of these funds, the preschool has installed new wood laminate flooring, colorful new curtains, and a full sink with running water (a first for the preschool). They have also invested in Early Childhood Development training and manuals for the teachers. As a result, the children are thriving, bringing joy and hope to their families.


networkingaug2Last month, CHOSA staff facilitated one of our quarterly networking events. The topic of the workshop, Leadership and Governance, was chosen by our partner projects. With the help of a guest speaker, the projects were able to share best practices with one another around effective leadership and relating to staff (teachers, caregivers, etc.) Participants came away with an important lesson: that any organization thrives on mutual respect and genuine two-way communication. A new community preschool joined us, and are so eager to learn more through CHOSA’s quarterly events that they offered to serve as host of the next one!networkingaug13