One of the most inspiring aspects of the projects we support is the extreme generosity and community spirit of the “Mamas” who have dedicated their lives to taking in and caring for children who have nowhere else to go. Mrs. Mankayi of Qaqambani Safe Home in Khayelitsha is no exception. She and her husband have taken on the responsibility of providing a secure home for children from their community in Khayelitsha with almost no outside funding.

CHOSA has been working with Mrs. Mankayi for some time now, helping her to improve her administrative skills and run the home more effectively. Since our relationship began, we have seen significant progress in terms of the home’s maintenance of accurate financial records and holding of regular board meetings. As Qaqambani continues to make these organizational improvements, they are becoming more equipped to apply for funding from CHOSA and elsewhere, which will be crucial for them moving forward, especially as the home grows to provide for even more children.

Currently, the home itself is still a shack that leaks every time it rains. Qaqambani is also in need of many other repairs in order to meet certain government requirements. CHOSA staff hope to find ways to help them tackle these problems, and we are pleased to report that CHOSA has provided Qaqambani with a small once-off grant to assist with some immediate basic needs. Qaqambani has decided to spend the grant on groceries and diapers, and we hope that with the help of our donors and continued support from the CHOSA team, we can further assist Mrs. Mankayi and the other caregivers, so they can spend their time and energy taking care of their children and building a brighter future for them.