The CHOSA Family, 2007
The CHOSA Family, 2007
With Father’s Day just behind us, I find myself thinking about today’s dynamic and unique family structures almost hourly.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been more than 2 years since CHOSA’s first networking event. When the idea to bring all of the Mamas together in town for a Mother’s Day brunch sprung to life, it seemed an endless list of “To Do”s and logistical conundrums. Who knew that when we finally got everyone settled on picnic blankets on Sea Point’s Beach Road, we would be in for a once in a lifetime treat.

The three on-ground CHOSA-ites at that time, myself (Ellen Rosenberg), Dianna Kane and Justin Krane had the amazing opportunity to join a talented, ambitious and wild bunch of ladies who were driving the success of the projects we were supporting! We had our first round-table discussion (although it was more of a round-picnic-blanket) about how best to support each other in overcoming day-to-day obstacles and collaborating on a greater plan for the future. We discussed the frustration of bureaucracy and the joys of a child’s improved school performance.

Sneaky Lulama surrendered the race --- the zoomed from behind and left Ellen in her dust!
Sneaky Lulama surrendered the race --- then zoomed from behind and left Ellen in her dust!

What made the biggest impact on the group, though, was the time we spent getting to know each other as people. Away from the dirty diapers, laundry by the truckload and the daily struggle in caring for so many children – we were all such unique individuals with hopes and dreams for ourselves, for our families and beyond.

“If you had ONE day to do anything you wanted – what would it be?”
Each Mama had the chance to share their dream with the group. Little did any of us at CHOSA know, we were working with a crew of aspiring surfers, pilots and doctors. Someone wanted to spend a day with Zola 7, a famous South African hip-hop artist. Someone else wanted to learn to ride a bicycle.

More than two years later, CHOSA is still learning new things about the women we work with. We cherish every chance we get to spend time as a group – and we are eternally grateful for the love, devotion and commitment they give to the children of South Africa.