Hello CHOSA family!
Today marks Day 1 of CHOSA’s Third Annual Pap and Porrdige Fast in recognition of World AIDS Day. Make a donation to support the fast at www.chosa.org/fast.
From today (December 2) until midnight on Wednesday, our Fast Team will eat only pap and porridge, South Africa’s staple starches. This simple food, made of cornmeal, is eaten without any veggies, meat, or sauce for South Africa’s poorest and most vulnerable families, and is often the only food available to orphaned and vulnerable children affected by the HIV/AIDS crisis and living in desperate poverty.
We fast for these three days to raise awareness, and to engage our friends and family members in giving to support CHOSA’s work with these children and communities. We would love for you to join with us in solidarity by pledging a donation to the work of CHOSA during this important time.
We encourage you to support one or all of our fast team members, who include: Alma Anides, Solitude Dasie, Elena Echevarria, Burak Erem, Jennifer Erem, Ellie Gunderson, Hunja Koimburi, Zukie Mabuya, Dineo Moiloa & Jared Sacks. Every penny goes directly to CHOSA’s work! You can also visit CHOSA’s blog throughout these 3 days to learn more about why we are fasting, and to read about the Fast Team’s experiences.
Your donation will go a long way in the communities we serve – thank you for your support and dedication to our cause.
In solidarity,
Jennifer Erem & Ellie Gunderson
Fundraising Coordinators, CHOSA