We are thrilled to announce several exciting new fundraisers to look out for in the coming months!

  • Fall Frenzy: Remember our March Madness campaigns from years past? Well, we’re bringing back that same level of energy and enthusiasm with Fall Frenzy, kicking off in just a few weeks! CHOSA’s staff, alumni, and other family members will reach out to everyone they know over the course of two weeks (September 16-30), asking for as many $10 donations as we can find together to give hope to the children of South Africa. And the best part is, every dollar we raise will be matched by a generous contribution from some of CHOSA’s loyal supporters. With your help, we can recruit hundreds of first-time donors and spread awareness of CHOSA across the country!  Read more about Fall Frenzy here.


  • Pap & Porridge Fast: This December, we will recognize World AIDS Day (Dec. 1) with a 3-day Pap & Porridge Fast. The HIV/AIDS pandemic has orphaned 2.5 million children across South Africa, and has left these and countless other children poor and vulnerable. Because of their poverty, these children lack sufficient access to a balanced diet of nutritious foods, and often have little more to eat than pap and porridge, simple staples of a South African diet made from maize meal. CHOSA is asking its family and friends to stand in solidarity with these children by sacrificing our extensive food choices available to us in the US and joining the children we serve by eating only pap and porridge for 3 days. Everyone who fasts will ask their friends to pledge a dollar amount towards the work of CHOSA for each of the 3 days. We look forward to partnering with many of you in this effort! Read more about the Pap & Porridge Fast here.


  • CHOSAN’s 11: We are also introducing a new campaign, CHOSAN’s 11, an effort to engage as many CHOSA alumni as possible in an affordable monthly giving plan. We are reaching out to each of CHOSA’s alumni, whose lives have been touched by their work volunteering in Cape Town, and asking them to pledge $11/month to continue to give hope to the children of South Africa. This small monthly commitment – which can be set up automatically to make things easier for you – is budget-friendly for students and young professionals, and can make a world of difference to a vulnerable child! We hope you will join us. Read more about CHOSAN’s 11 here.

Also, look out for emails about upcoming events in your city! CHOSA is coming to DC, New York, and more before the year is over, so stay tuned!